Parents Outraged After Beauty Queen Does This On Camera

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Most models are known for NOT eating, but for this one, food is her special talent.

Nela Zisser is a former Miss New Zealand and model who has now devoted her life to the sport of competitive eating. And surprisingly enough, she still looks great!

Zisser took up the sport after her mother made a joke, which she now must surely regret.

“My mother actually told me to enter.. as a joke since I’ve always loved food and been a fast eater,” Zisser recounted.

She began by entering 2014 Sal’s Pizza Competition in Auckland, and much to her surprise, she won! She says she’s been hooked ever since.

“You get such a rush from every contest and you also meet so many other amazing competitive eaters,” Zisser said. “It’s like a little community where everyone is super supportive of each other.”

Zisser posts videos of her various food challenges onto her youtube account. In the one above, she manages to eat 120 chicken McNuggets. We can’t believe how quickly she’s able to do this!

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