Welfare Queen Loses It When Her EBT Card Won’t Work, Then She Does This

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In this video, a proud welfare queen completely loses it when a cashier refused to allow her to use her food stamp EBT card to get cash.

“You switching the food stamp game up,” the woman whined as she cursed out the cashier. It’s against the rules to trade your EBT card for cash, but this freeloader doesn’t seem to care about the law.

“Let me tell you something, b***ch,” she told the cashier, who should be applauded for standing his ground. “You’re going to get yours.”

This is a clear case of the entitlement mentality that Obama has given to millions of Americans going very wrong. This woman thinks she is entitled to buy whatever she wants, not because she has a job, but instead because she has a magic EBT card.

Well, we’ve got news for you, lady. Your “sugar daddy” Obama has less than two years left in office, so you might want to start looking for jobs now!

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