Thug Targets Father and Daughter Getting Gas – Never Expected Them To Do This

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When an armed thug in Brazil saw a father and his little girl pumping gas at a local gas station, he thought he’d found the perfect targets. Unfortunately for him, he turned out to be very wrong…

What the thug didn’t know is that his intended victim was actually an off-duty police officer. Video shows him approach the father and daughter, and he quickly learns that he made a huge mistake.

The footage shows the thug walk up to the father and the two men exchange words. Eventually, the father pulls out his concealed weapon and opens fire. The assailant flees the scene, but not before he is hit multiple times.

A worker gas station was also hit in the confusion, but he is expected to make a full recovery. The mugger, however, wasn’t so lucky: he later died of his wounds.

Thank God this father had a concealed weapon, or else he may not have been able to protect his young daughter. We’re glad this family ended up making it out of this alive!

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