Cop Lets K9 Dog ‘Literally Rip Open’ Teenage Boy’s Penis, Then This Happens

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An outraged family has filed a lawsuit against the Miami Police Department after one of their officers allowed his k9 dog to maul their son’s genitals.

Javarius Ragin was only 14 years-old when a cop allowed his dog to “literally rip open” the boy’s penis, leaving him with lasting injuries. It started when police pulled over a vehicle in which Ragin was a passenger. The cop claimed the car was “stolen,” and at one point Ragin tried to avoid police after saying he did not know if the car was stolen since he was only a passenger.

Ragin then ran and tried to hide in a random shed. Officer Earles Gonzalez followed the boy, opened the door of the shed, and ordered his k9 dog, named Diesel, to attack. Even though Ragin says his hands were raised in surrender, Gonzalez did not tell Diesel to stop. Instead, he watched as the dog “ripped open” Ragin’s penis.

When Gonzalez finally did call off the attack, Ragin claims the police would not call an ambulance for him, so he did not receive prompt medical attention. Doctors eventually stitched up his genital wounds, but the boy still has severe scarring tissue there.

The Ragin family are now suing the police for excessive force, and their lawyers claim police also failed to document this K9 attack. Do you think they have a good case? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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