They Heard A Strange Noise From The Bushes, So They Took a Look – They Didn’t Expect To Find This

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Hope For Paws is an organization that helps abandoned animals get a second chance at life. Recently, they were called in when an injured, homeless dog was found deep in some bushes.

The dog was clearly suffering from both an eye injury and malnutrition, but for some reason she didn’t seem to want to leave her meager surroundings. After officials got closer to her, they immediately knew why…

The rescuers quickly realized that she wasn’t alone: she had three puppies with her that she was desperately trying to attack.

After some coaxing, they were finally able to get the mother out of the bush before getting her puppies out one by one. The mother dog anxiously watched the rescuers to make hsure that they didn’t forget any of her puppies.

The whole family was taken to a shelter, where they are now waiting for a family to adopt them.

Sadly, the mother’s injury was likely caused by blunt forced trauma from a past owner. We pray that her next owner treats her and her children with the respect they deserve!

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