This Thug Taped His Dog’s Mouth Shut – But It Didn’t End Well For Him

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A 15 month-old pit bull-terrier mix named Caitlyn was found with electrical tape wrapped around her muzzle. In fact, the tape was wrapped around the muzzle so tightly that it cut off blood flow to the nose and tongue, which has caused damage that is both significant and permanent.

Thankfully, Caitlyn will now see justice, as her abusive owner is now facing serious jail time for what he has done.

William Leonard Dodson is a convicted felon who was already on probation for a weapons possession charge. Now, he has been arrested for animal cruelty, and he is facing five years in prison and a $5,000 fine for what he did to Caitlyn. According to Conservative Tribune, he is being held on $50,000 bond.

Court records show that Dodson bought the dog recently, but he quickly complained to the seller about how much Caitlyn barked. He would often brag about taping her muzzle shut with tape to keep her quiet.

One day, after months of abuse, Caitlyn escaped the home and fled to a kindly neighbor. Doctors say that she is recovering well and will probably be adopted, but they also warn she will be “permanently disfigured and permanently disabled.” However, had she not escaped when she did, her injuries likely would have proven to be fatal.

Animal abusers are some of the worst people on this planet, and we can only hope that Dodson gets exactly what’s coming to him.

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