She Ran Outside In Just Her Underwear, But Then She Got Arrested For Doing This

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Lisa Warner is a 36 year-old mother of five in the U.K. who has found herself in some hot water after a wild night out at her local pub.

On the night of January 11, Warner showed up at the pub wearing just her underwear and a coat. When her neighbor Lisa Mills, 44, saw her, she approached her friend and asked her to go home to put some clothes on. She even offered to pay for a cab for her, but Warner wasn’t having any of it.

Instead of appreciating her friend’s concern, Warner became enraged. She attacked Mills outside the pub, pulling her hair and spitting in her face. It eventually took three people to restrain Warner and put a stop to the drunken brawl.

When police questioned Warner, she claimed she didn’t remember anything about the internet, and she would only admit to having “a drink or two.”


Warner was then taken to court, and Prosecutor Mark Soper issued this statement about the attack:

Miss Warner was wearing underwear with a coat over the top. Her son was trying to get her to go back to her home address. It was quite a cold night. Miss Mills and her friend approached the defendant to suggest she go home because of the temperature and her lack of clothing at which point Miss Warner turned on Miss Mills. She reached her arms up over the railing to try and slap Miss Mills over the head.

She stood up on the lower wall, bent over the railing and quite simply she spat at Miss Mills. It landed on her shoulder. She grabbed her by the hair, pulling her forcefully and held onto her for two minutes. It took three people to remove Miss Warner from attacking Miss Mills.

Defense attorney Mark Lister argued that the two neighbors were not friends at all and they had had problems prior to the attack.

“There are ongoing issues between the families,” Lister said in court. “Miss Mills did not have any need to speak to Miss Warner at all. It is unfortunate she got involved. Miss Mills was the author of her own misfortune in this. She [Warner] bitterly regrets what happened and asks you to accept her apology.”

The judge, however, sided with the prosecutor. He eventually sentenced Warner to a full year of conditional discharge. She will also have to pay court fees and a victim surcharge as well as other compensation.

Do you think Warner got the punishment she deserved, or was this too harsh? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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