Teacher Jailed For Sex With Three Students Pens Bombshell Letter From Cell

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For the last few months, we have been reporting on Brianne Altice, the Utah high school teacher who has been arrested for having sex with three of her children.

Facing 45 years in prison, Altice has now penned a letter from her jail cell in which she defended her school district and claimed she has no money left for a lawyer.


Back in April, Altice took a plea deal to avoid a trial, but she is still facing serious jail time. The former teacher plead guilty to three counts of forcible sexual abuse in exchange for prosecutors dropping 11 charges, many of which were first degree felonies.

Altice wrote this letter in response to a lawsuit filed by the family of one of her victims against both her and the Davis School District. The suit claims that school officials knew about the tryst, but Altice claims that this is “here say [sic] and opinion.”

“Other than friendship, this is untrue to my knowledge,” she wrote in the letter.


The family’s lawsuit claimed that, “Upon information and belief, the running joke among the students at DHS was ‘who is Ms. Altice sleeping with now?” Altice, however, claims that this is a lie.

“Rumor and heresay,” Altice responded. “Ms. Altice has never heard this before now.”

Altice was first arrested in October of 2013 after a student told police he had had a sexual relationship with her, and two more victims later came forward. Altice was out on bail during most of her trial until it was revealed that she continued to have sex with her third victim after her arrest.

The teacher’s bail was immediately revoked and she has been in jail for the last three months. Altice has also written letters to the judge from her cell begging him to not sentence her to jail time.

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