They Spotted Something Strange While They Kayaked Down A River, But Then Didn’t Expect It To Be This


June 4, 2015 7:39am PST

While kayaking down a river in a deserted part of the country, a group of people found something that had been created over a century ago.

The adventurers found a decommission ship abandoned in the river, and they quickly decided to board and explore the 110 year-old vessel. Miraculously, the ship was still very sturdy, and it’s engine and vital parts remained intact.

Once they began to research the boat, they discovered it originally gave sightseeing tours in New York City. In 1917, Thomas Edison started conducting on the ship, but it was soon commissioned to fight in both World War I and World War II.

Later on, the boat made a cameo in a Madonna music video in 1986, but it was decommissioned soon after that and moved to a tributary, where it was discovered by the kayakers.

Since it’s time in this river, the boat has taken on a lot of wildlife. Plants grow all over the deck and many animals call the ship home. It’s sad to see a historic boat like this be abandoned in the middle of nowhere with no respect!


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