When He Heard A Strange Noise From A Leaf Pile, He Never Expected To Find This Being ‘Eaten Alive’

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A man in Chelyabinsk, Russia decided to take a shortcut to work through the woods, and when he did, he made a gruesome discovery.

As he walked, he heard a strange noise coming from a leaf pile. When he went to investigate, he was stunned to find a baby being “eaten alive” by ants. He immediately called the police to come rescue the baby girl.


Authorities found that the abandoned infant was three-days old, and she still had her umbilical cord attached. They said that if the man had not found her when he did, she likely would have died.

“The person that found the baby girl heard her crying, and on investigating, discovered the child lying on a pile of leaves and covered in ants,” a police spokesman commented.


The infant received treatment for her bites and is expected to make a full recovery. We pray that a loving family adopts her and gives her the kind of life she deserves!

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