He Wrapped A Pork Loin In Bacon, But Then He Stuffed THIS Inside


June 4, 2015 6:37am PST

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time for cookouts with friends and neighbors. While most barbecues will be serving the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs, this video will show you how to make a Stuffed Pork dish that is sure to have your friends coming back for more.

You can make the stuffing by putting a frying pan on the grill and melting a half cup of butter on it. Then add half a cup of onions and some garlic, and mix it all together until the butter melts.

Once you’ve done this, pour on a cup of hot water and let it simmer before adding some cornbread stuffing. After this, add whatever you want to the stuffing: we suggest you get creative!

After this, stuff the pork and cook it, and you’ll have a delicious dish in no time!


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