Thugs Tried To Rob 64 Year-Old’s Gas Station, But They Didn’t Count On Him Being A Black Belt…

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When a gang of thugs in Australia needed some cash, they decided to rob a store to get some. Unfortunately for them, they picked the wrong gas station to attack…

The young punks walked into a Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia gas station to find 64 year-old Keith Butler working the afternoon shift. Thinking he was just an old man, the thugs decided to go forward with robbing the convenience store.

Unbeknownst to them, however, Butler is a former boxer and a current black belt in karate. In other words, he is one “old man” that you do NOT want to mess with.

Surveillance footage shows the three masked thugs barge into the store and demand money. Thinking fast, Butler grabs a baseball bat, and gives the punks something else entirely: a lesson in the form of repeated hard blows to the head!

In the end, two of the thugs fled terrified after seeing what Butler was capable of. The third stayed behind to fight him, but after a few seconds of receiving a beating, he fled with his buddies as well.

“I’m small, the thing is people who are small react in that way, the way you come up in life, you don’t let people bully you,” Butler explained when he was asked why he fought back. When he was asked what he would say to the thugs, he had a piece of advice for them.

“I’d like to say to the three guys if they’re watching this, get yourselves a job, you’ll earn more money.”

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