Hollywood Actor Joins Fight Against ISIS In Syria

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Hollywood actor Michael Enright, best known for his work in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, has reportedly left the film industry to join the Kurdish People’s Protection Units in their fight against ISIS in Syria.

The British actor recently gave an interview in which he decided to join the fight against ISIS after seeing the videos of the Jordanian pilot being burned alive and American journalists being executed. Enright was particularly disturbed by the fact that the ISIS executioner was British, which made the actor feel like he had a debt to America and that he needed “to help right a wrong.”

“They need to be wiped off completely from the face of this earth,” Enright, 51, said, adding that he was fully prepared to die for the cause. “I didn’t come here to run, I came here to fight and if I have to die, then I die. I didn’t come here to play games.”

Enright reportedly did not tell any of his friends in Hollywood, or even his own family, about what he was doing until he was already in Syria. When he arrived, he sent out a series of letters to his loved ones explaining his decision.

While he was in Kurdistan, Enright learned a lot about Islam and ended up changing his name to Mustafa Michael Ali. He has no military experience and has very little experience with firearms.

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