Thugs Brutally Beat 63 Year-Old American For ONE Dollar, But What Happens Next Is Even Worse

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The mainstream media loves to make it look like African Americans are constantly the victims of violent crimes at the hands of whites. Unfortunately, the media goes about this by ignoring the growing epidemic of crimes perpetuated by black people.

This is despicable, because Americans everywhere need to see videos like this…

This incident occurred in the early evening of May 17 in Washington D.C., where video footage shows a thug in a red shirt approach a group or people and start a conversation with them.

Suddenly, the thug punches one of them in the face, knocking his victim out cold. The punk starts to talk away, but he quickly returns to steal $1 from the man he attacked. Bystanders can be seen standing and watching, doing nothing to stop the thug or help his victim.

Police say the black 63 year-old victim was left with “severe cuts and bruises.” The suspect still remains at large, and D.C. police are offering a $1,000 reward for information that would lead to his arrest and conviction.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that this reward will ever pay out since nobody is seeing this story. Since the crime was committed by a young black man, the crime does not fit the media’s pension for victimizing African Americans.

Because of this, this elderly man will likely never get the justice he deserves.

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