Cowboys Flock To Texas To Save 200 Cattle From Rising Alligator-Infested Waters

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The nation was stunned last week when floods in Texas threw the state into chaos, killing 18 people and causing many more to go missing.

While the city of Houston got most of the attention from the floods, surrounding areas were also affected, including the city of Dayton. There, a ranch with 1,800 acres of dry land dwindled down to 50 over the weekend. The rapidly rising waters were infested with alligators, and it wasn’t looking good for the cattle that call the ranch home: but then the cowboys showed up.


A group of cowboys showed up on Sunday to lead the cattle, which number at around 200, more than 70 miles to safety. This lengthy journey forced the cattle to both swim and walk as the cowboys tried to save their lives.

Many residents of Dayton gathered on Highway 90 with snacks and tents to watch the herd of cattle go by.

“This is something,” Ricky Brown told reporters. “It’s really a taste of the Old West coming back in here.”

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“Everybody just wants to be a part of this,” Brown added, according to Daily Mail. “This is something that hasn’t happened in probably 200 years.”

The cowboys arrived at 7 am on Sunday and led the cattle through the town and Highway 146 to a rail yard, where they will stay until the water levels go down.

This shows how a patriotic community in the face of a crisis, and that cowboys are still always there to save the day!

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