Ann Coulter Teaches Illegals Brutal Lesson About Race, ‘Drop The Racism Cr*p’

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For the last two days, we have been reporting on Ann Coulter’s recent town hall-style interview with Jorge Ramos, during which she refused to give an illegal immigrant a hug.

Later, a Honduran immigrant stood up to ask Coulter a question about race, and she didn’t hold back with her response. The immigrant identifies himself as Gabriel, and says he lives in the U.S. and is due to become a citizen in three years.

“In dealing with immigration, don’t you think this would be more as a discrimination or racism?” Gabriel asked. Coulter tried to answer the question many times, but the immigrant kept interrupting her. At one point, Coulter pretended to be asleep as Gabriel continued to restate the same points. When she finally was able to speak, Coulter shut down the young man with her bluntness.

“You’re not black, so drop the racism crap,” she told the stunned young man.

Coulter added that this isn’t about race at all, rather “it’s about culture and poverty.” That was all she was able to say, however, since Gabriel wouldn’t shut up long enough for her to say anything else.

In the end, the young man showed just how ignorant he is and Coulter came out on top.

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