Judge Annihilates Cocky Thug Who Stole Wedding Ring From Dying Woman

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On the morning of December 19, 2013, 43 year-old Danielle Zimmerman drove up to a Taco Bell restaurant to get dinner with her family. Sadly, the beloved wife and mother  while driving up to the drive-thru and crashed her car into the speaker box.

As Zimmerman lay dying at the drive-thru completely helpless, Daquantrius Johnson saw his opportunity to pounce. After hearing about the incident on the Crime Stopper’s hotline, Johnson rushed to the car and stole the dying woman’s purse and took her wedding ring right off her finger. Zimmerman died at the hospital the next day, less than a week before Christmas.


Her last moments in this world were spent in terror being robbed of her most prized possessions by a despicable thug.

Johnson was quickly caught and charged with burglary, and his lawyer asked that he be given probation, but Judge Christopher Magana wasn’t about to let the entitled punk get off that easy.

“The evidence at jury trial was that you were the one who went to her car and you were the one that robbed her,” Judge Magana told the court during sentencing. “The evidence at jury trial was that you were the only one seen with and in possession of her wedding ring after this crime. The law does not require that you assist someone in a time of need. But it does prohibit you from attacking someone in their time of need.”

Johnson was sentenced to up to eight years in prison for his crime. That’s sure to wipe that smirk off his face!

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