White Pizza Delivery Boy Brutally Murdered By Two Thugs, What Happens Next Is Even Worse

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The mainstream media loves to make it look as if black on white crime is a major problem in our nation. However, they are completely ignoring the numerous black on white crimes, which are only increasing after Obama announced his support of race-rioters.

Alexander William Burkart was delivering pizzas in Mount Clemens, Michigan back in February when his life took a tragic turn. He was sent to deliver some pizzas to Jayvon Cates and Deandre Arnold, who are both described as local “gangbangers.”

When Burkart arrived at the home, Cates and Arnold allegedly stabbed him to death before he was able to exit his vehicle. Police later found his car crashed on the side of the road with Burkart lying inside dead from multiple stab wounds.

According to Conservative Tribune, Cates and Arnold have had multiple run-ins with police, and their motive for the killing appears to be robbery.

However, this is the seventh time that a white pizza delivery boy has been murdered by black thugs since last July.

Clearly there is an epidemic of black on white violence that the media is blatantly ignoring. Pizza delivery boys who are white should be on their guard, but instead they have no idea that they are even in danger.

Thugs like Cates and Arnold undoubtedly find encouragement from President Barack Obama, who victimizes African Americans any chance he gets.

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