When Ronald Reagan Found Out This Man Molested His Son, He Did THIS

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On Thursday, former President Ronald Reagan’s son Michael wrote a column responding to the infamous Duggar’s controversy in which the family’s oldest son was revealed to have molested five girls ten years ago.

In the article, Michael admitted that he himself was molested as a child, and also described his father’s reaction to it.

“Child molesting is evil, sad, disgusting stuff,” Michael wrote, according to Conservative Tribune. “I know. I was molested by a camp counselor when I was eight. Though my father wanted to kick his butt when he found out 34 years later, my molester never paid for his ‘mistake.’ But I did.”


It’s very tragic that Michael was molested as a child, but luckily he had a father like Ronald to keep him on the right track in life. Today, Michael Reagan is a born-again Christian who has made a name for himself as a successful radio talk show host.

It says a lot about Ronald Reagan that he was willing to confront his son’s abuser and even physically harm him. While this would definitely have harmed his political career, Ronald didn’t give a hoot about the consequences. Instead, he cared about avenging his son and making sure the boy continued to grow up into a good, Christian man.

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