Freeloading Mother of Eight Gets $40K A Year From Taxpayers, But She Just Got Some Very Bad News

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Marie Buchan is the ultimate welfare queen: a single mother of eight children in the U.K., she has never had a job and had no plans for getting one as she received over $40,000 a year in handouts from taxpayers.

However, something just happened that has left Buchan scrambling to find the first job of her life.

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he will be instating a new cap on the amount of money that welfare recipients can receive. The cap was previously set at around $40,000, but now it will be reduced to just over $34,000.

Buchan made headlines when she whined that she could not support her large family on $40,000 a year. She was then pictured days later buying expensive Christmas presents, courtesy of British taxpayers. Now, she’s desperate to find a job as she’s livid about the new changes.

“This benefits cap is getting out of control,” Buchan complained. “I think you are going to get similar cases as to what happened with the bedroom tax – people taking their own life due to the financial pressures they are feeling. It will hit people that hard.”

“I did attempt to start work in the past and had it all in place to do a 16 hour cleaning job,” she added, “but the kids didn’t want to get ready in the morning, so I could leave. It is going to be so tough.”

Welcome to the real world, Marie. Millions of working mothers deal all over the world deal with these struggles. If you have never had a job, you probably shouldn’t have had eight children!

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