Teacher Expels Muslim Students – They Got Their Revenge In A Horrifying Way

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Islam claims to be the religion of peace, but stories like this prove that it is anything but!

When an unnamed female teacher at a respected preparatory school in Cairo failed a group of male Muslim students for cheating on the final exam, they decided to take their revenge out on the school in a horrifying way.

When the female teacher stepped outside during the final exam, a gang of 20 Muslim teens descended on her and tried to gang rape her in broad daylight. According to Conservative Tribune, the boys beat her and ripped her clothes off before they were finally chased away by teachers and fellow students.

Since the boys had only just been suspended, this story shows just how ingrained it is in Muslim culture to deliver brutal, Shariah law-based consequences to women.

Afterwards, the minister of education decided to suspend the school’s manager and members of the staff for failing to report the incident and not taking any disciplinary actions against the students involved.

The female teacher was most likely a Muslim herself, as 95% of Egypt is. This means that according to Shariah law, she must remain covered at all times when she leaves her husband’s home and never speak without permission. If a Muslim woman does leave her home, she must be escorted by a male relative to “ensure that their sexual purity is kept intact, regardless of age or marital status.”

It’s despicable that practices like this are still allowed, and even respected, in the 21st century.

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