Police Issue Warning To Parents: Do NOT Let Your Child Eat These Candies

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Halloween used to be a carefree night in which parents could let their children run wild across their neighborhood in search of candy. Then, rumors circulated that depraved homeowners were filling their candies with poison, or putting razor blades inside them.

Now, there’s a new rumor that Halloween candies are being filled with marijuana. Police in Massachusetts have warned parents about the risk of allowing children to eat Halloween candy after a child fell ill last year from ingesting a treat laced with pot.

Police describe the laced candy as an ordinary, “swedish fish,” which is a red, gummy candy in a shape of a fish. Police took to Facebook to warn parents to “take a moment and look at what your children have on them before they leave the house.”

While marijuana can be fun and even healing for adults, it is incredibly dangerous for children because it contains THC. A developing brain should never be intoxicated with drugs or alcohol because it can affect the brain’s growth and cause the child to develop mental problems.

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