The IRS Wouldn’t Stop Harassing Her, So She Did THIS For Revenge


May 28, 2015 10:42am PST

Rachel Fitzsimmons was sick and tired from getting phone calls from a company pretending to be the IRS so that they could steal her money, so she took action.

“I’ll be damned if anybody takes my hard earned money,” she said, before she put her revenge plan into action.

After getting several calls from Seattle and Washington D.C saying that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against her, she called them back and recorded the call. When they picked up, she flipped the tables on them and ended up scamming the scammers!

The person who picked up was a man who called himself “Jack Smith,” but he could barely speak English.

“I actually work for the IRS,” Fitzsimmons bluffed; she doesn’t actually work there. “And this kind of thing doesn’t happen so I guess I’m just confused.”

“Smith” transferred her to his supervisor, who called himself Officer David Miller.

“Do you realize that you are taking money from innocent people?” Fitzsimmons asked. Terrified, Miller hung up the phone, but it’s already too late for him and his scam.

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