Obama Announces Plans To Make Voting Mandatory, ‘That Could Change Everything’

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Obama is currently panicking as he realizes he only has two years left in office.

Even Obama knows that he has accomplished nothing during his presidency, and that he is facing a legacy of being one of the worst presidents in history. The only way he can stop this is if he puts a series of legislations in place that will keep him in power after he leaves office. The only way this plan can work is if a Democrat is elected in 2016, because any Republican will immediately do away with all of Obama’s rules.

Therefore, Obama is desperate to ensure that a Democrat is elected in 2016. This could prove to be difficult, as more Americans are fed up with the Democratic party than ever before after this presidency. Knowing this, Obama is set trying to put a plan in place that will ensure a Democrat is elected.

Obama recently said that America should have mandatory voting, saying that it would stop billionaires from spending tons of money during elections to get their candidate elected.

“In Australia, and some other countries, there’s mandatory voting,” USA Today reports Obama saying. “It would be transformative if everybody voted. That would counteract money more than anything.”

Obama, of course, has another agenda for forcing everyone to vote. Only 37% of eligible voters vote every year, and many of those who don’t are young liberals who don’t know or care about politics. If they are forced to vote, they will undoubtedly vote for the Democrat candidate, who supports their “hip” social views like marijuana legalization. These votes could be the extra push a Democrat needs to get elected.

The fact that he is suggesting mandatory voting shows just how desperate Obama has become. He’s in trouble, and he knows it!

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