35 Year-Old Teacher Has Sex With 13 Year-old Student ‘In Her Marital Bed’

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A teacher’s assistant in the U.K. has been arrested for having sex with a 13 year-old student after she confided in him about problems with her marriage.

Louise Aspinall, a 35 year-old mother of two, reportedly kissed the boy after they “wrestled” over a phone. The boy didn’t tell anyone about the kiss, but the very next week his teacher took his virginity in her marital bed.

Afterwards, the boy played on her X-box. Aspinall also performed sex acts on him on Valentine’s Day.

After their first tryst, Aspinall reportedly told the boy, “Obviously don’t tell anyone. I can get in trouble for it.”

The pair met up for sex on at least three occasions, and rumors of their encounters quickly started to spread across the high school. The boy’s mother eventually heard the rumors and she took him to the police station, where he denied the allegations at first. When he was questioned by police the next day, however, he admitted that they were true.

Aspinall, who was a teacher’s assistant at the 750-pupil Swinton High School, was arrested in December of 2013 and charged with seven counts of sexual activity with a child under the age of 16. She denied all the charges.

During a video interview with police, the boy said the first incident occurred when they were alone in Aspinall’s house and started “messing around.”

“We kissed. I don’t remember when but she took my phone off me and started going through my contacts and she was going to put her number in my phone,” he continued. “She was messing. I was on my knees about she pushed me and fell on top of me and it just happened. We kissed. I just laughed. I was shocked.”

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The boy went on to describe when he had sex with his teacher for the first time.

“We were just talking,” he recounted. “She was telling me she always argues with her husband and things like that. She didn’t care about him any more. She was telling me she cared about me. She doesn’t like her husband any more but she likes me.”

“She went upstairs and told me to come upstairs for a minute,” he added. “I went up and jumped on the bed – not for that reason – but jumped on and lay down. She lay next to me and I don’t even know what happened. She started to take her pants off so I took mine off.”

He then told police what happened immediately after they had sex.

“As I was putting my pants back on she said ‘Obviously don’t tell anyone, I can get in trouble for it’. That was it really,” the boy said. “I went downstairs and sat down and she had an Xbox so I turned it on.”

When asked why he finally decided to go to police after denying the allegations for so long, the boy had an interesting response.

“My mum got me thinking about if it was my little sister and a teacher and it got me thinking that it was wrong,” the boy told the court. “I was confused. It was weird. I didn’t really understand it, I just went along with it.”

Aspinall has denied that she ever kissed or had sex with the boy. Her trial continues this week.

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