IRS Makes Horrifying Announcement – This Will Affect Hundreds of Thousands of Americans

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The Internal Revenue Service made a horrifying announcement on Tuesday that will affect over 100,000 taxpayers across the country.

The IRS revealed that hackers had infiltrated one of their system and obtained personal information on over 100,000 Americans.

According to Conservative Tribune, the hackers used an IRS system called “Get Transcript” to obtain the records. This system requires the user to submit their Social Security number, date of birth, tax filing status and street address in order to access it.

Hackers made 200,000 attempts to enter the system between February and May, and half of these were successful. Their success rate has led authorities to believe that they already had lots of personal information on their victims on file. However, from the IRS records, the hackers now have even more information on them including “birthdates of dependents and spouses.”

The IRS did have some good news, however: the hackers did not get access to their main system, “which handles tax filing submission.” This system has remained secure.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch released a statement slamming both the hackers and the IRS for their stupidity.

“Hackers who would steal that information must know that they will suffer severe consequences for their crimes,” he wrote. “Taxpayers must know that the information they send to the IRS is secure.”

The IRS has already begun informing the taxpayers whose transcripts were accessed by the hackers. I sure hope they won’t be calling me!

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