Liberal Actress Tries To Take Down Ted Cruz, But It Doesn’t End Well For Her

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Rose McGowan is the typical Hollywood actress in that she is a liberal sheep who is ready to take down any conservative she comes across. She recently tried to publicly humiliate Ted Cruz, but like a true liberal, she didn’t check her facts, which quickly came back to bite her.

It all started when McGowan posted a picture of Ted Cruz with disgraced reality TV star Josh Duggar along with a quote she attributed to the famous Republican.


Unfortunately for McGowan, Cruz never said this at all. When she was hit with a wave of backlash the next morning for spreading lies, she at first tried to be defiant.


Finally, McGowan issued an apology. Sort of…


Classic liberal nitwit: Doesn’t check her facts, then refuses to admit she was wrong when she’s exposed.

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