This Gas Station Was Set To Be Torn Down, But Then A Couple Turned It Into This

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Michael Flurry is a police officer in Lake Charles, Louisiana who was out on patrol one day when he made a shocking discovery.

Flurry came upon an abandoned gas station that was set to be torn down. While most people would see the old station as useless, Flurry saw potential, and he decided to save it.

He turned the gas station into a two bedroom home complete with indoor plumbing and electricity. The old gas station was covered with dirt and grime, but after months of work, he had it all cleaned up and ready to live in.

In the end, he kept many staples of the gas station like the garage doors and the tire racks hanging from the ceiling.

“I like the beat up look of this building,” Flurry said afterwards. “Not everything is perfect, not everything is straight lines…Keeping the originality of the building was important to me.”

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