When He Lit A Piece Of Dried Spaghetti On Fire, I Was Confused – But Then He Did This

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It’s no secret that cooking and cleaning your kitchen is no easy task. This quick video will teach you five easy life hacks that make the process a whole lot easier!

  1. When you finish a jar of spices don’t throw away the empty. Instead grab a bag of another spice from the grocery and pour it into the empty jar. Cut off the label and tape it on and you’ve just saved some money.
  2. When the flint on your gas burner goes out, grab a piece of spaghetti and set it on fire. Bring it over to the burner that’s not working, turn on the gas, and it’ll light straight up.
  3. Build extra storage containers by cutting the top off a water bottle and removing the label. Repeat this on another and cut a slit down the slide. Put it inside the other. It’s perfect for storing dry goods.
  4. Hang a clothes hanger with clips on a handle and use it to hold open a recipe book.
  5. When boiling something in a pan, place a wooden spoon across the top and it won’t boil over.

We will definitely be trying some of these out!

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