Al Sharpton’s Daughter just Got Some Very Bad News For Her Ridiculous Lawsuit

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Last week, we reported that Al Sharpton’s daughter, Danielle Sharpton, is suing the city of New York City for $5 million after she tripped and fell on a crosswalk.

This week, however, things aren’t looking so good for her.

Danielle has claimed that she sprained her  ankle when she tripped on the uneven streets of New York City while participating in her father’s anti-cop protests in December. She alleged that she “still suffers and will continue to suffer for some time physical pain and bodily injuries” stemming from the incident.

Unfortunately for Danielle, photos posted to her Twitter and Instagram around this time tell a very different story. The young race-baiter proudly posted photos of herself traveling the world over the last few months, including images of herself hiking up a mountain in Bali in January.


The New York City Law Department has now demanded in an official letter that Danielle keep and preserve everything she has ever posted to her social media accounts, as they are all considered evidence in her case.

“The purpose of this letter is to demand that plaintiff preserve any photographs, documents, communications and any other information, both tangible and electronically stored, potentially relevant to her alleged trip and fall on Dec. 23, 2014,” New York City lawyer Michele Fox wrote. “This demand should be construed broadly to encompass materials related to plaintiff’s health, mobility, activity or physical limitations after the alleged incident.”

Danielle’s lawyers, however, are not giving up. They claim that she “has been forthcoming and transparent throughout this case with regard to her capabilities despite her pain.” They added that she doesn’t need to be told by the police not to delete her posts, as she would never do that anyway.

Despite this, the pictures appear to leave Danielle’s case dead in the water. If she was injured enough to deserve $5 million, she definitely would not be able to climb up a mountain.

This case proves once and for all that the apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to the Sharptons: Danielle is just as full of it as her father is!

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