Mother Caught Breastfeeding Six Year-Old, Child Says Her Milk ‘Tastes Like Candy Canes’

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An Australian woman is under fire after a photo went viral that showed her breastfeeding her six year-old daughter.

Maha Al Musa, 52, still breastfeeds her daughter Aminah, and hasn’t even immunized her because she believes in the power of breastfeeding. The viral image shows her breastfeeding the little girl, who is wearing her school uniform.


“Sometimes it tastes like candy canes,” Aminah said of the breastmilk. “It tastes like a lot of different things.”

“It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m not at school,” she added. “More kids should because it’s good for you.”

Al Musa, who has two other children as well, told reporters that she normally breastfeeds Aminah before she goes to bed, but added that she will also feed her daughter whenever and wherever she desires. The mother said she enjoys the bonding time with her daughter, and that she sees the entire practice of breastfeeding a six year-old as normal.

Al Musa even believes that breastfeeding keeps her vital.


“Let child and mother choose what’s best for them, their circumstance and family. If we are all choosing then we are all equal,” she wrote alongside a photo of her feeding on Facebook. “4-8 (years) is NORMAL age for self weaning.”

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