Hillary May Have Gotten Four Americans Killed By Doing This

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The Benghazi scandal is only getting worse and worse for Hillary Clinton, and the information that was just revealed may spell the end of her 2016 presidential campaign for good.

New reports have revealed that Hillary carelessly disclosed the names of various American officials in Benghazi in emails that she sent and received on her personal email account, which was unsecured. This email was also housed on an equally unprotected private server, making it even more vulnerable for hackers.

“It’s incredibly likely our capable adversaries had the ability to get at this information,” Rep. Mike Pompeo commented to reporters. “Information about where U.S. government officials are located when they are in dangerous places absolutely deserves all the protection that the American government can muster.”

In a typical Hillary move, she put herself first and didn’t give a single thought to the Americans that she was placing in danger in Benghazi. Eighteen months before Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed during the 2012 attack, Hillary received an email warning her about the major security risks that Stevens was dealing with.

“The situation in (the Libyan town of) Ajdabiyah has worsened to the point where Stevens is considering departure from Benghazi,” the April 10, 2011 email reportedly read. The email went on to reveal how vulnerable the consulate was to attack, but Hillary did nothing to stop it.

If Hillary can’t even deal with protecting one consulate, how could we ever trust her to protect our entire country? If she were a man of either party, this scandal would likely put an end to her presidential hopes. However, because she is a woman, liberals will make any excuse they can for her to get her into office.

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