GRAPHIC: ISIS Executes Two Soldiers In Public Square As Children Watch

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Yesterday, we reported on a gruesome new ISIS video in which terrorists brutally murdered a bound hostage on camera with a bazooka.

Today, ISIS has come out with a new death video that is also extremely disturbing. The footage shows them execute two Syrian soldiers in a public square as small children look on.

Filmed in Syria’s north-east Hasakah Province, the video shows two blindfolded hostages kneeling in front of ISIS militants. The terrorists then take out two handguns and shoot each prisoner in the head at point blank range.

One of the onlookers in the square can be seen smirking as the triggers are pulled.

Before they were executed, each prisoner was forced to give an interview in which they confessed of their crimes. One of the terrified hostages said he worked as a driver before a relative convinced him to join the Syrian military. The other said he was a barber before he joined the Free Syrian Army.

Both said they eventually switched allegiances to join ISIS, but the terrorists weren’t buying it. The militants referred to both men as “state agents” and killed them to prevent others from joining ISIS’s enemies.

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