GRAPHIC: ISIS Executes Man With Bazooka In Disturbing New Video

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ISIS has become known for their gruesome executions, and this week they released a new video that displays one of their most disturbing killings.

The footage opens with a captive bound to a utility pole as ISIS thugs gleefully chant “Allah is the greatest.” In a shocking display of brutality, the terrorists then fire a bazooka at the prisoner, who explodes into a ball of fire.

Afterwards, the terrorists shot the corpse with rifles before kicking it and dancing around it.

The killed prisoner has since been identified as Ibrahim Shraideh, a member of the Al Shaitat tribe in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province. This tribe of 80,000 rose up against ISIS last summer, but later agreed to a peace deal. This deal broke down after three Shaitats were arrested for refusing to collect taxes for ISIS.

According to Daily Mail, around 1,000 Shaitats were killed in 2014 alone. 230 of them were found in a mass grave.

Earlier this week, ISIS through a massive parade in which they celebrated their many victories. If we don’t put a stop to this soon, we could all be in serious trouble…

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