Texas ‘Breastaurant’ Gets Some Very Bad News

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Last year, we reported on Twin Peaks, a restaurant franchise in Texas that was trying to rival Hooters with their scantily clad waitresses. One year later, however, things aren’t going so well for them…

Back in 2012, Twin Peaks’ revenue hit $44 million, and the Texas Monthly wrote that, “Twin Peaks’ waitresses wear barely-there costumes, a red-and-black plaid crop top and short khaki shorts, in keeping with the chain’s hunter’s lodge theme.”

This week, however, things went downhill for the restaurant fast when a company memo leaked on Tuesday. The memo revealed what Twin Peaks heads really think about their customers, and also detailed their “no fat chicks” policy.


The memo describes the “brand promise” of Twin Peaks is to be the “Ultimate Sports Lodge” that gives manly men an experience “that feeds their ego with the attention they crave.”

The memo goes on to explain the mentality of their average customer:

“I am the man… I believe in freedom, bacon, working hard and playing harder. I like attention from beautiful girls and being recognized in front of the guys. I got game! I deserve to drink cold beer and catch the game without being asked what I’m thinking. Now get me a beer… pretty please?”

This memo not only degrades their waitresses, it also degrades Twin Peaks customers. This will likely hurt Twin Peaks business, and the company is now scrambling to save itself.

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