Thug Issues Terrifying Message To Whites ‘Bow Down To Blacks, You’re All Gonna Die’

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A new viral video shows a racial confrontation on the streets of New York City, and what happens in it is terrifying.

It all started when a member of the Five-Percent Nation, a militant off-shoot of the Nation of Islam, walked up to a group of white hipsters in Union Square and began to harass them. An older black man is the first to confront the group, threatening to “turn this motherfucker upside (down).”

“Where’s your man at? I’ll get him first. Straight up, I don’t give a fuck,” yells the man. “I’m a thug, I’m from Brooklyn,” before referring to himself as the “King.”

One of the hipsters then jumps towards “the king,” at which point members of both groups leap up to disperse the fight.

“You’re a dead man – I promise you,” yells “King” to the white hipster who confronted him.

Then the video takes an even more chilling turn.

“That’s why I stopped him, because this motherfucker should be bowing to him,” one of the Five-Percent Nation members states.

“Bowing?….Did this guy just say racist sh*t here….he should be bowing to him because he’s black?” asks the man filming the altercation.

“And just so ya’ll know, all of ya’ll time is coming, you’re all gonna die,” says the Five-Percent Nation thug.

“What do you mean ya’ll?” asks the cameraman.

“All of you people, and all of your derivatives, all of the people who love you,” the thug responds confidently, according to Infowars.

“You talking about white people?” asks the cameraman.

“Yeah,” the thug replies.

Later in the argument, the thug says, “by the end of the year you’ll be dead.”

“Is that a death threat, black man?” asks the cameraman.

“It’s already happening,” responds the thug.

Videos like this suggest that the violent protesters are planning to step up their game and do something major to make the white race pay for what they have done. The thought of this is downright terrifying.

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