This New Law May Have Just Opened The US To Martial Law

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Idaho lawmakers passed a law on Monday that may just open the door for shariah law.

The bill will give the go-ahead to a series of federally mandated child support laws tied to an international treaty. This legislation was rejected last month, but it was passed yesterday after a section was added to it which makes the treaty unenforceable if it violates a state law.

The treaty will effectively make it easier for single parents all over the globe to receive child support payments. According to Conservative Tribune, this treaty must now be ratified by each individual state.

The problem with the treaty is that it will force Idaho and any other state that ratifies it into enforcing rulings from nations that operate under Shariah law. Idaho lawmakers of corruption for passing the bill, since they would have lost “$46 million in federal funds and payment processing systems that include payroll deductions” if they hadn’t.

Kathleen Frazier, a strong opponent of the bill, has called this an act of bribery. Bob Neugebauer, another opponent of the legislation, said the bill was “not about child support,” but that rather “extortion by our federal government trying to engage all of our states of the union to ratify a treaty.”

Some have gone as far as accusing Obama himself of making it hard for state lawmakers not to pass the bill as he seeks to enforce Shariah law in the U.S.

Despite the backlash, this bill is set to be signed into law by Republican Gov. C. L. Otter shortly.

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