Respected Mayor Forced Into Mental Institution For These ‘Islamophobic’ Comments

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A respected mayor in France has reportedly been committed into a mental institution against his will after he made a series of comments on Twitter that some saw as “islamophobic.”

It all started when Robert Chardon, mayor of the town of Venelles in the south of France, got involved in a Twitter debate with former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. According to Infowars, the mayor argued that France should “ban the Muslim faith in France” and instead “promote the practice of the Christian faith.”

Many were offended by his comments, and the press later reported that Chardon had been “forcibly hospitalized” for “incoherent statements” he made on Twitter.

Local officials quickly denied these reports, saying that Chardon was hospitalized for cancer treatments. However, he had been receiving these cancer treatments for months without being hospitalized.

Reports have continued to say that Chardon was hospitalized “by someone close to him for reasons of incoherent statements.”

“One tactic Soviet-bloc countries would use to stifle dissidents was involuntary confinement to mental institutions,” journalist Selwyn Duke wrote. “After all, you have to be crazy to oppose state ideology, right? Now, though, 26 years after the Berlin Wall’s fall comes a similar shocking story — from well west of where the wall stood.”

It’s terrifying that now people in Europe cannot criticize Islam without fears of being arrested or hospitalized, or both. Muslims have taken over the formerly Christian continent to the point where they may become the new majority, and they are continuing to move west towards America.

If we are not careful, we could one day live in a predominantly Muslim country as well.

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