Strange Noise Heard In The Sky For A Decade – Nobody Knows What It Is

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A strange noise heard in the sky has been baffling people all over the world for over a decade now.

The noise sounds like a trumpet or even a collective orchestra, and videos shot in Canada, Germany, the U.S., Ukraine, and other countries have captured it.

The first video posted to youtube about this sound was shot in Belarus and posted to youtube in 2008. Later that year, an anonymous user in the U.S. shared a video of the “ear-deafening” sounds in a quiet American neighborhood. He insisted that the noises “were not a hoax.”

Kimberly Wookey of British Columbia, Canada first captured the sounds in June of 2013 and has since filmed them again many times.

A description on one of her videos read:

“On the morning of August 29, 2013 at approximately 7:30am I was awoken by these sounds.

I shot out of bed realizing it was the same sounds I had heard before and I ran looking for a camera to try to capture them with. I came out into the living room to find my seven-year-old son awake and scared wondering what was going on. He had said the noises woke him up as well and shook his window.

I managed to record three clips showing almost five minutes of these strange sounds. After it was over and I sat down at the computer to upload the video. After checking my Facebook I noticed a lot of locals had heard the same sounds again but this time it was far more widespread.

I have no idea what these sounds are but it is pretty strange and I am glad that I was able to catch them this time and share what I heard. The sounds were heard again on Sept 8th at 6:30am so far we have confirmed reports of it being heard from town to the lake, 25km away.”

“I personally do not believe this has any religious connection, nor do I believe it is aliens, graders, trains, construction, etc,” she added. “I do believe it could be a geophysical phenomenon.”

What do you think the sounds are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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