Obama Just Made It Even Easier For Freeloaders To Get Food Stamps

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In the six years that Barack Obama has been president, the number of Americans using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka, “Food Stamps”) has dramatically increased. Now, Obama’s government is considering a new plan that will make it even easier for freeloaders to get foodstamps.

In order for anyone to get food stamps, they are currently required to attend a face to face interview with an official before the benefit can be made available to them. Due to the dramatic increase in welfare leaches, this interview process is becoming more and more costly for the government.

Their solution for this is to do away with the face to face portion of the interview altogether and allow welfare hopefuls to apply over the phone.

“Regulations require that states conduct face-to-face interviews, unless the state determines that a telephone interview is acceptable due to a hardship on the client,” a report stated, according to Daily Caller. “However, over the last decade, most states applied for and received waivers that allow for telephone interviews in all cases, without the need to document a hardship.”

This is already so far along that The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has already conducted a real world test to see if the interviews are necessary.

“To assess whether states’ requests to eliminate the eligibility interview would have adverse effects on client and worker outcomes, FNS awarded grants to two states — Oregon and Utah — to conduct demonstrations in which the eligibility interviews at certification and recertification were completely eliminated,” the report stated. The results, however, were mixed and have been ruled inconclusive.

This idea is absolutely ridiculous, and it will only make it even easier for freeloaders to schmooze their way into getting even more money from us. If they don’t have time to wait for a face to face interview, they can get up and get a job like everyone else!

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