Cop Is Forced To Resign After This Video Goes Viral

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A cop in Spotsylvania County, Virginia was forced to resign this week after footage of him slamming a drunken suspect face-first into the ground went viral.

According to Infowars, Officer David Schmindt Jr resigned from the police department after he was charged with misdemeanor battery and assault.

It all started when Schmindt was arresting Nathan Barton for public intoxication. The young man had already been resisting arrest when Schmindt was called in as backup. That’s when things got messy.

“Don’t fucking handle me like that,” Barton exclaimed as Schmindt tried to put him in his police car. Hearing the young man defying him, Schmindt lost it and threw him to the pavement face-first.

Barton was knocked out cold, and experts say he is lucky to be alive.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office found that Schmindt’s actions violated official policy.

Had Barton been a black man, this story would be all over the mainstream media. However, since he was a white man being victimized by police, you likely won’t be hearing about this story on the news. This video proves that police violence is not an issue of race. In fact, more whites are killed by police every year than any other race.

This news comes just hours after President Obama imposed a series of sanctions on U.S. police in an attempt to demilitarize them and limit their power. With even the president against them, now is not a good time to be a police officer in the U.S…

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