Supreme Court Makes Major Decision On Gun Control

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With less than two years left in office, Barack Obama is becoming more and more desperate to take down the second amendment. The Supreme Court has been doing whatever they can to block him from doing this, and they have made another decision about gun control.

This week, the highest court in the land ruled that the government cannot stop a convicted felon who is barred from possessing firearms from selling his guns after they are confiscated by authorities.

The Supreme Court sided with Tony Henderson, a former U.S. Border Patrol agent who agreed to hand over his nineteen firearms to the FBI as a condition of release after he was arrested for distributing marijuana.

After pleading guilty, Henderson wanted to either sell his collection of weapons, which valued at over $3,500, to a friend or transfer them to his wife. Lower courts ruled that he could not do this because it would technically be giving him back possession of his guns, saying that they were concerned his friend or his wife would give the guns back to him.

The Supreme Court, however, saw things differently. Justice Elena Kegan said allowing a convicted felon to sell or transfer guns is fine as long as the court are satisfied that the person receiving the weapons won’t give them back to the felon.

“A felon cannot evade the strictures of (the law) by arranging a sham transfer that leaves him in effective control of his guns,” Kagan said, according to The Blaze.

She added that the government’s reading of the law went too far when they said that Henderson selling the guns meant that he had illegal possession of them.

Organizations like the National Rifle Association have celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision, since they believed that this was yet another attempt for the government to take down gun-owners.

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