When She Started Pole Dancing, I Never Thought This Would Happen

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We can only hope that this apple DOES fall far from the tree…

A disturbing video has gone viral, and it shows a young mother pole dancing like a proud stripper in front of her two year-old daughter.

The footage showing Ashley Wright dancing provocatively in front of her daughter Shannon Marie has already been viewed over 500,000, and the mother says that she has no regrets. Ashley told the press that she did it because she is an advocate for “attachment parenting,” which is a controversial technique in which children are with their parents at all times.

“According to attachment theory, the child forms a strong emotional bond with caregivers during childhood with lifelong consequences,” according to it’s wikipedia page.

Ashley has been outspoken about defending her role in the video, even implying that her detractors are sexist.

“It is no surprise that many are put off, and even more confused by this shared display of divine femininity, sensual acceptance, power and open, unapologetic, love for self and for my child,” she said. “Unfortunately, many did not receive nor have bared witness to this form of love and therefore only see what is they can connect with: shame.”

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