Marines Caught Practicing Subduing Citizens In Martial Law Exercises

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Over the last few weeks, we have been reporting on Operation Jade Helm, a military training exercise set to take place across Texas this summer in which military personnel will operate covertly among the American public.

Many see this as a dry run for martial law and have connected it to the mysterious Walmart closings. Recently, patriotic Texans have been letting their uncomfortable feelings about this known all across the state.

Now, video footage from last month has been released showing marines in Arizona conducting exercises in which they subdue citizens. The video shows armed soldiers chasing down citizens in a mock internment camp as role players chant for food and water.

The exercise took place on April 18 in Yuma, Arizona and revolved around “assault support tactics” training. It was completed by the U.S. Marines from 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. According to the video’s description, it was part of “standardized tactical training and certification of unit instructor qualifications to support Marine Aviation Training and Readiness.”

In essence, it was about subduing and arresting belligerent citizens during a martial law scenario.

The footage opens with marines landing in a helicopter on a field next to a busy highway. They immediately start apprehending unruly citizens, one of whom is even carried away in a stretcher. One of the role players is shown trying to escape the enclosure, but he is chased down and apprehended by a soldier.

Chaos continues to reign in the video as the roleplaying citizens try to escape, but the marines are too strong for them.

While the marines will likely claim that this was training for overseas combat, it’s blatantly obvious that this was a practice session for martial law. Obama has been trying to declare martial law since he took office, and videos like this suggest that he is now closer than ever to making his dream a reality.

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