New Reports Suggest Rosie O’Donnell Is On Drugs

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Rosie O’Donnell is not having a good year.

Just months after she left The View under mysterious circumstances, Rosie is now trapped in a bitter divorce battle with her ex-wife Michelle Rounds.

According to Daily Mail, Rounds is currently fighting for full custody of their two year-old daughter Dakota, saying that Rosie is an unfit parent due to her “excessive use of booze and weed.”

“I used to be afraid of Rosie but I am not afraid of Rosie anymore,” Rounds, a successful IT consultant, recently told the press. “Because I want what’s best for Dakota. And what’s best for Dakota is to be with me. I am the better mother.”


“Divorce is really hard, but imagine going through a divorce with a celebrity who is really, really powerful, someone who has all the media and publicists behind them,” she added. “I am just a normal person. It is David versus Goliath. I just don’t understand it.”

Rounds has also said that Rosie spends little to no time with her four older children, who she claims are basically raised by nannies. She says that she does not want her daughter to be raised by a babysitter.

Rosie has claimed that all of these allegations are lies, and she scored a victory in court last week when a judge ruled that she did not need to be drug tested in order to see Dakota. Rounds is reportedly livid about the decision and has plans to appeal.

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