Patriotic Army Vet Arrested After He Saves Dog From Hot Car

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When Michael Hammons, a veteran of Desert Storm, heard there was a dog trapped in a hot vehicle outside the mall he was shopping at, he immediately took action. He never in a million years thought this would happen next..

“I heard someone say there was a dog in distress in a hot car,” Hammons told WXIA of the moment he heard about the trapped pet.

Diane Byriad, the bystander who initially found the dog, said that Hammons made it clear that he was not about to let the Pomeranian die while they waited for police.

“He says ‘We can’t let this dog die…’” Byard recalled, according to Infowars.

Thinking fast, Hammons used his wife’s wheelchair to smash the Ford Mustang’s driver’s side window.

“I’ve got PTSD, and I’ve seen enough death and destruction,” Hammons said. “And I didn’t want anything else to happen if I could prevent it.”

When the car owner returned to her vehicle, she was enraged to see what had happened, claiming that she only left the dog alone for five minutes.

“It wasn’t just five minutes like the lady stated, it was a lot longer,” Hammons said. “I personally felt the heat in the car; I saw the dog panting. This dog was in distress.”

Police were called to the scene, and they reluctantly said they had no choice but to arrest Hammons.

“We would not have made those charges on our own,” Oconee County Chief Deputy Lee Weems said. “The deputies on scene say the owner of the dog and the car were very insistent that he be charged with criminal trespassing.”

While the woman was cited for leaving her dog alone in her car, the cops could not find a way to prove how long the dog had been in there. Despite the fact that he was arrested, Hammons said he does not regret what he did at all.

“I knew there’d be consequences, but it didn’t matter,” Hammons said. “Glass, they make new glass every day, but they could never replace that dog.”

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