The Bloods Target Houston Sorority Members for ‘Initiation Kills’

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A major deadly gang is targeting a sorority at the University of Houston for their “initiation kill.”

Students at the University of Houston in Texas are being told to be cautious this week after the school received threats from the vicious Bloods gang:

“Bloods in Houston have been tasked with killing a sorority woman in order to be initiated into the gang so if you have your letters on your car please take them off! I would not wear shirts with your letters either if you are in Houston. Please spread the word, you could be saving a sisters life!!! Stay safe everyone.”

An anonymous witness told the press that cars were spotted circling Bayou Oaks, the Greek housing area at UH, on Sunday night.

A spokesman for the Houston Police Department said she had not heard about any threats specifically, but she added that campus police may have issued a warning as a precautionary measure.

Houston is home to many universities, such as Rice and Texas Southern. University of Houston is known for their strong greek life, so a threat like this could have major consequences for the school as a whole.

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