Black Man Attacks Couple In Restaurant, The Reason Why Is Disgusting

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As the Baltimore riots continue to escalate, the mainstream media is ignoring any story they see about a black person behaving violently.

That’s why you probably won’t see this shocking footage anywhere else.

Jonathan Snipes and Ethan York-Adams were out celebrating Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday at a bar in New York City when Snipes got a text message about a death in the family. In his rush to leave the restaurant, Snipes accidentally bumped into a neighboring table and knocked over one of the drinks.

One of the customers at the table was a black man, and he immediately stood up and shouted, “White f****ts, spilling drinks,” to Snipes. The two began to push and shove each other until Snipes broke away and grabbed York-Adams, who happens to be his boyfriend, and headed towards the exit. Unfortunately, the black thug wasn’t about to let them get there unscathed.

Video shows the thug grab a wooden chair and slam it into them, knocking them over and causing serious injuries.

“These guys attacked us specifically because they knew we weren’t their type of people,” commented Snipes, who suffered a tooth knocked loose, bruises on his head and torn cartilage in his ear.

Unbelievably enough, the assailant escaped and has not been caught.

This story put the liberal media into a bit of a conundrum. They typically love to support gay couples, but these men were not attacked because they were gay. Instead, this was a clear hate crime against white men, who happen to be the group that the mainstream media has the most disdain for.

Because this case had a black man attack white men, the mainstream media has largely ignored it. Thanks to the media, the video has not even been circulated enough to catch the assailant. Liberal journalists are probably happy about this, however, and are patting themselves on the back for saving another “oppressed” black man.

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