Black Panther Leader Announces Plans To Bomb Nurseries To Kill White Babies

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As the Baltimore riots continue to escalate, Black Panther leaders are planning ways to make the chaos last and spread across the nation.

Two leaders of the New Black Panther Party, Chief of Staff Michelle Williams and King Samir Shabazz, are having a field day with all these riots and are calling for even more violence against whites. In fact, they have been calling for violent attacks against whites for years.

You may remember Williams from comments she made a few years ago in which she claimed she was going to claim a bounty on George Zimmerman “dead or alive.” In 2012, when the GOP convention was held in Tampa, Florida, Williams announced that the city was “under siege” by whites.

During an appearance on Shabazz’s radio show, Williams regularly made fun of “crackers” and black conservatives. Agreeing with her, Shabazz went a step further and made a terrifying threat: he called on blacks to firebomb nurseries so that they can kill as many white babies as possible.

Shabazz added that this was a good suggestion because blacks are “too scared” to do things like drag white people out of their homes, skin them alive, drag them behind trucks and pour acid on them.

These threats are horrifying to say the least, but the mainstream media has completely ignored them. Instead, race-baiters like Al Sharpton fan the flames of racial tension so that they can make more money for themselves.

With people like Sharpton, Shabazz, and Williams out there, the divide between whites and blacks will only continue to grow. These people need to be exposed and stopped in order for our society to move forward.

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