Schools Caught Quizzing 12 Year-Olds On Gay, Oral, And Anal Sex

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Parents across the state of Massachusetts are outraged after they found out a survey is being handed out to their middle and high school children that quizzes them on gay, oral, and anal sex.

The quiz asks students if they are gay or transgender. It also asks them if they have ever had oral or anal sex or if they have performed these acts on up to six people.

The quiz doesn’t just stop at sex, the kids are also asked if they have carried a gun, smoked cigarettes, consumed alcohol. According to Breitbart, they are also asked about whether they’ve done drugs like OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin. If they weren’t aware of these drugs before, they certainly know what to look for after taking this quiz!

Experts say the affects of a quiz like this could be devastating. The group MassResistance says the survey is “psychologically distorting” and will likely lead the child to think he is “abnormal if he is not doing it all.” They also claimed that “the survey results are used by radical groups from Planned Parenthood to LGBT groups to persuade politicians to give more taxpayer money [to] these groups.”

A public hearing took place Wednesday morning at the Massachusetts State House, where officials looked into the controversial sex survey. Parents should know that this quiz is given on a national basis, so children all across the country are being forced to take it.

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